STAGE 2 IDEAS FOR THE ACTIVITY ZONE (Click on the titles below to find out more)

The plans for the activity zone

  • Climbing and Bouldering Centre will be the anchor tenant, which manages the Skate Park
  • The Skate Park will be partly landscaped and partly consisting of ramps and rails
  • The Cafe will have a safe external play area for younger children
  • There will also be an Adventure play area for older children
  • BBQ and picnic areas for families
  • Benches
  • Exterior exercise area
  • Riverside activity walk (information boards and games)
  • Boule pits, sand and water activity boxes for toddlers
  • A wildlife hide adjacent to the river for birds and other animals
  • Bike parking and route improvement to encourage sustainable access

The scheme aims to incorporate features for all users of any ages and interests, to blend the community safely, and to encourage cross generational conversation and engagement.

Bold design, responding to surroundings

By looking at the language of the existing site, we decided to continue the aesthetic of the long, industrial and utilitarian structures, also opening the building and connecting it to the adjacent countryside.

The industrial design is a very useful tool to maximise the usability of the Climbing Centre, as well as reducing the initial cost outlay. The choice of materials will ensure the building will age well and look better every day for the next 50 years.

Flood area mitigation

Flood Risk Assessment is one of the primary drivers for the design. This will continue to be studied throughout the process in order to inform our design choices.

Flooding tends to occur on a few days per year for the site as a whole, and the building will be constructed to maintain access in all but the worst of flooding conditions.

The need for leisure areas in Chippenham

The area will benefit from a new and extensive leisure zone that includes such a varied range of activities. It will bring a valuable social space to the community, and its surrounding areas.

Next steps

We’ve engaged a great local team of passionate consultants and we are looking to get steering groups together for the various areas ready to get it to planning as soon as possible. We continue to welcome feedback and will be updating this page with news as things progress.



Between the river and the existing Wessex Water depot the proposal is to incorporate a lot of activities so as to encourage use. The primary elements are:

  • A hard landscaped activity area.
  • An external bouldering/climbing wall which will double as a graffiti wall to the rear.
  • Barbecue areas.
  • A play park for younger children.
  • A café and indoor climbing wall.
  • An exercise zone with built in features to aid physical exercise for young and old alike.
  • Bike rental space.
  • A deck protruding over the river to allow small events.


Thames Barrier Park. London

This competition winning public park was designed to regenerate one of the country’s most polluted sites on the north side of the River Thames. It houses a cafe, and pavilion as well as a significant level of flora and landscaping. It uses a layering strategy where circulation routes are diverted and subverted as they cross one another to elongate the visitor’s experience of the site.

The High Line, New York

Disused elevated railway tracks on Manhattan’s west side were re-imagined into public space. This brownfield site was transformed into a high line public park, successfully creating different areas of interactive seating and diverse vegetation. The three phase project was completed in 2014 and has redefined an existing piece of infrastructure within the city as a significant community asset.

Eastside City Park. Birmingham

Patel Taylor describes the design as ‘following a strategy of making a sequence of defined spaces with a logical yet pleasurable route between them.

The park is a vital part of The Big City Plan and at the heart of Birmingham’s Eastside regeneration quarter, a place where people can stop, relax and enjoy a colourful and aromatic landscape.