The main collection of buildings in the proposal is placed toward the town, tucked between the existing buildings so as not to impact on the openness of the park land beyond, the central hall does protrude slightly so that people can see it and to help identify both the building and park as a single community asset.

This location takes advantage of the existing CBLC carpark which serves the field and current buildings. As now the access of vehicles onto the playing fields will be limited to ensure they remain safe for young children to play.


It is planned that increased use of the area will make it safer, we are not seeking to displace existing users and in fact the scheme is designed to allow all existing parties to remain on site whilst incorporating others to ensure a building that maximises its potential, and hence minimises the cost burden on any single user. At present it is proposed that the Hub incorporates:

  • Scouts.
  • St John Ambulance.
  • Doorway.
  • The Rise Trust.
  • Respite accommodation for Wiltshire Carers.
  • Start up offices.
  • Creative workshop and studio units.
  • 2 large halls for the above users but also external community usage.
  • A commercial grade kitchen offering classes as well as food/café service to the main hall.
  • External community sheltered barbecue areas.

In order to accommodate such a broad range of groups, the hub is broken up into three independent forms allowing isolation whilst integrating them with shared spaces and the interrelationship between the individual elements where possible.

The first wing or main entrance/welcoming space (to the left on the plan) has been designed to have an open plan flexible space which could be used for an art gallery/market/exhibition space, as well as a hall for groups when needed.

The second wing (middle) as you pass further into the complex becomes more enclosed so it could contain the semi public spaces of the community hall and café, which would benefit from a newly created cafe garden, subsidising the cafe produce. This wing could also hold a number of office units to the rear for existing and start up charities and community groups.

The third wing (on the right of the plan) consists of adjustable containers that perforate the side elevations of the form. These are designed to hold carer respite units on the more private/residential east elevation with workshop/studio/art spaces to the other side.

Below the plan is a complete list of where each element is presently proposed.