• 26 April 2021

Construction work climbing upwards!

Construction work climbing upwards!

Construction work climbing upwards! 1024 512 Westmead

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at the Westmead Activity Centre site as the climbing centre has really started to take shape and rise from the ground. A big milestone moment was reached over a week ago as concrete was poured onto the elevated slab…

This past week has seen the steel frame sections being craned into position bringing a real glimpse of the shape and structure of the new climbing centre.


And finally the site also hosted one of its very first VIP visits. Elliott, aged 8, greatly enjoyed his special tour round the site with site manager, Dave, earlier this week.

There was a massive ramp onto the building and the crane was huge, it lifted things really high. I can’t wait to see it lift the big bits. The bolts are really big to hold it together. This is so exciting, it’s going to be great – I’m so pleased this is being built.