Woodland Creatures Sculpture Trail

The woodland creatures that form the new sculpture trail at Westmead Open Space are the result of a competition run by Chippenham Borough Lands Charity (CBLC) with Wiltshire College and University Centre in the summer of 2019.

A New Partnership

The competition followed the celebration of a new partnership between our two organisations which was marked by our first wooden owl sculpture and an official unveiling by Lady Lansdowne in March 2019.

The first sculpture was made by Ollie Adams, a talented local sculptor. Ollie kindly offered to make more sculptures for us and so the competition was launched.

More About The Competition

Local children were invited to draw a picture of an animal or bird that they thought would make a great sculpture to feature in the woodland trail.

There were lots of incredible entries from children across Chippenham but 11 winners were selected in total – one from each of the Chippenham Primary schools and one from St Nicholas School. Each winner received a £25 book voucher and the opportunity to have their design made into a tree sculpture.

There was also an ‘overall winner’, won by Ruby Beanland who also won £500 to spend on books for her school, Frogwell Primary School. We are grateful to Lady Lansdowne of Bowood House, who selected the overall winner.

The children’s designs have been turned into a set of stunning sculptures by local sculptor Ollie Adams.

About The Sculptor

Ollie is a gardener at Wiltshire College and University Centre, Lackham. He is part of a small team, maintaining and developing the grounds of the historic Lackham estate. With an artistic background, his interest in horticulture, the environment and the natural world also inspire him creatively. Ollie hopes this woodland sculpture trail encourages local children to embrace creativity and the power of their imagination, and that it acts as a small token of positivity for the wider community.

About The Competition Artists

The children who created the brilliant original designs in 2019 that sparked the creation of these beautiful sculptures in our trail are as follows:

Joshua Soreau from Ivy Lane School

Ciaran Merrett from St Peters Primary

Thalia Gill from St Pauls Primary

Ruby Beanland from Frogwell School (Overall Winner)

Ella Field from Redland Primary School

Charlie Fry from Monkton Park School

Zachary G from Kings Lodge Primary

Kieran Walters from St Nicholas School

George Bedford from Charter Primary School

Alexia Efstratiou from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Amber Nelson from Queens Crescent Primary

Thank Yous

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make the trail, from the local children who took part in the competition to Ollie, Russell and Colin for creating the trail paths, to all our judges, Russell and Phil from Wiltshire College and University Centre and the staff and trustees from Chippenham Borough Lands Charity who helped to make this happen.

A very special thank you to Ollie Adams, for your time, generosity and the wonderful gift to the local community and final thanks to local artist Charlie-Graham May for his beautiful trail artwork and map.

We hope the trail will become a favourite spot for visitors – a place where children and all ages can explore and enjoy for many years to come.

  • You can download the trail map here.
  • We would love you to share your photos of the trail by tagging us (@ Chippenham Borough Lands Charity) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and using the following hashtags – #WOSWoodlandCreatures #WOStrail
  • If you have any further enquiries about the trail please email admin@cblc.org.uk or call 01249 658180 Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm.
  • Please help us keep the trail litter free by cleaning up after yourself and reporting any issues to us. Thank you.